Veeva QualityOne currently provides two (2) separate training environment options: a Training Vault connected to a QualityOne Vault and Training Management within QualityOne.

Vault Logos

Verify the number of Vaults you have using the Vault selector. The logo for your Vault changes to reflect the training environment that you’re in:

  • If you have a Vault selector, you will see a “Vault Training” option and a “QualityOne” option in the Vault selector of both Vaults. This is the QualityOne to Training Vault Connection training environment.
  • If you do not have a Vault selector, you will only see a “QualityOne” logo in your Vault. This is the Training Management within Qualityone training environment.

Vault Training Logo     QualityOne Logo

Help Content

The Help content that applies to you depends on your organization’s training environment and your role.


You’ll receive training notifications directing you to the appropriate Vault to use for training:


If your organization uses Training Management within QualityOne (and you do not have access to a Training Vault), navigate to the QualityOne Training Management Overview to get started with the Admin Help content. You can complete all of your training configuration within your QualityOne Vault.

If your organization uses a Training Vault, you can get started with the Help content in the following ways:

Tip: Click here to navigate back to QualityOne.