QualityOne Vaults provide Training Management Quizzes for a more thorough assessment of a user’s understanding of the training material. Quizzes are based on the Checklist object, with quiz-specific object types. You must configure this functionality before users can start working with quizzes. For more information about configuring and designing general checklist functionality, see Configuring Checklists and Designing Checklists.

Each time a user takes a quiz, the attempt is logged as an object record with its own lifecycle. If the user fails, the quiz record moves into a Failed state and the user must take it again. If they pass, it moves into the Passed state. Retaking a quiz creates a new instance of the quiz, independent of previous attempts.

Creating a Quiz

  1. Navigate to Business Admin > Objects > Checklist Designs.
  2. Click Create.
  3. Choose the VDTA Checklist Design object type.
  4. In your checklist design, create Sections:
    • Add one (1) Section record of type Quiz: Introduction Section, with an order value of 1.
    • Add a Section record of type Quiz: Question Section for each section.

Creating Quiz Questions

Within a Question Section record, you can create questions for that section. Quiz questions are based on the Question Design object, with object type Quiz: Multiple Choice Question. Quiz questions use either the Radio or Checkbox Question Type. Using these Question Types, answers can be true/false, yes/no, or multiple choice with either single or multiple correct answers. QualityOne does not support Drop-down question types.

Creating Quiz Question Answers

Answers are based on the Available Answer Design object. For each question, create one (1) or more Available Answer Design records.

The following restrictions and behaviors apply to question answers:

  • At least one (1) answer record must have Correct Answer set to True.
  • If an answer record has Correct Answer set to True, the system automatically defaults the value of Score to 1. The Score value can be updated.
  • If an answer record has Correct Answer set to False from True, the system automatically sets the value of Score to 0.
  • If the Score value is set to a value greater than or equal to 0, but Correct Answer is not set to True, the system defaults Score to 0.
  • If the Question Checklist Type is Checkbox, then you can set Correct Answer on multiple Available Answer Records to True.
  • If the Question Checklist Type is changed to Radio from Checkbox and there are multiple Available Answer Records with Correct Answer set to True, Vault prevents you from saving the record.
  • If the Question Checklist Type is Radio, only one (1) Correct Answer on the Available Answer Record can be set to True. If the next available answer record has Correct Answer set to True, the system sets Correct Answer to False and sets Score to 0 for other available answer records for that question.

Object Types for Training Management Quizzes

Object Quiz Object Type
Checklist_design__sys VDTA Checklist Design (vdta_checklist_design__sys)
Section_design__sys Quiz: Introduction Section (quiz_introduction_section__v)

Quiz: Question Section (quiz_question_section__v)
Available_answer_design__sys Quiz: Available Answer (quiz_available_answer__v)
Question_design__sys Quiz: Multiple Choice Question (quiz_multiple_choice_question__v)