QualityOne Vaults allow you to assign and complete Training Requirement Impact Assessments. When a document in a Training Requirement is updated, either through document change control or normal document release processes, it may be necessary to review any related materials or quizzes in the Training Requirement to determine if any changes are needed. A Training Requirement Impact Assessment is necessary if the Training Requirement is either:

  • A Classroom Training Requirement; or
  • A Document Training Requirement includes more than one (1) document, or includes a quiz; or
  • Any Training Requirement affected by substitution rules.

How to Add a Training Requirement Impact Assessment

  1. Configure the Create Training Requirement Impact Assessment Record entry action to the appropriate document lifecycle state (a state after the document reaches a major version, but before it is eligible to be issued for training).
  2. Select an application role for Assign Tasks To. There must be at least one (1) user available for this application role before Vault executes the entry action. The user may be added to this role via document sharing settings or DAC.

When a document associated with a Training Requirement enters the chosen state, this entry action creates the assessment record and adds users in the application role to Sharing Settings. If additional documents on the same Training Requirement subsequently trigger this entry action, they will be added to the same Training Requirement Impact Assessment record, ensuring that impact assessors are presented with all applicable changes when they perform their assessments.

How to Complete Training Requirement Impact Assessments

To complete an impact assessment once it is assigned:

  1. Navigate to the My Tasks view.
  2. Click into a Training Requirement Impact Assessment task.
  3. Review the impact on the Training Requirement Impact Assessment Detail object record. The object detail page is configurable to best fit your organization’s needs, but often has sections containing pre-change and post-change versions of the affected documents and, if applicable the pre-change and post-change quiz definition for the Training Requirement for easy comparison. Before proceeding, ensure the set of documents in the post-change section is appropriate for use in the updated Training Requirement.
  4. Optional: Set the Re-Issue Training Upon TR Update field to Yes to issue new training assignments upon the update of the affected Training Requirement.
  5. Optional: Set the Cancel Open Training on TR Update? field to Yes to cancel any open training assignments upon the update of the affected Training Requirement.
  6. Optional: If the Training Requirement includes a quiz, it is linked in the Current Quiz Design field. If a replacement quiz is necessary, select it in the New Quiz Design field.
  7. Once you have reviewed the changes affecting the Training Requirement, click Complete.
  8. Select a verdict. Verdict options are configurable, but may include these outcome types.
  9. Click Complete. The Training Requirement Impact Assessment Detail object record moves to the lifecycle state associated with the chosen verdict.

Once you complete the assessment, the training document can move on to the next state in its lifecycle. Vault takes any changes indicated on the assessments with an Update Training Requirement Now verdict type and implements them on the Training Requirement once the document reaches a state with the Issue Training Assignments entry action configured. This also moves the Training Requirement Impact Assessment record to its Completed state.

Verdict Outcome Types

Verdict options are configurable, but may include these outcome types:

  • Update Training Requirement Now: Indicates that it is appropriate to update the affected Training Requirement upon completion of this impact assessment. Depending on your Admin’s configuration, selecting this verdict may either immediately update the related Training Requirement, or wait until all documents are in the appropriate states of their lifecycles before automatically updating the related Training Requirement.
  • Wait for Additional Documents: Puts the impact assessment into the waiting status. Vault will reissue the impact assessment task if another document in the affected Training Requirement triggers the Create Training Requirement Impact Assessment Record entry action.
  • Retire Training Requirement Immediately: If, after review, the Training Requirement is no longer useful, use this verdict to retire it.
  • Changes Do Not Affect Training Requirement: Indicates that the document change has no impacts to the Training Requirement. Choosing this verdict keeps the Training Requirement as-is, and does not update the document that triggered the assessment.