QualityOne Vaults allow you to complete training tasks assigned to you. All Training Assignment tasks in your My Tasks view require an eSignature to indicate you have read and understand the material. Some Training Assignments, however, require additional actions such as passing a quiz or attending an instructor-led training session.

How to Complete a Read & Understood Training Assignment

If a document training assignment does not have an associated quiz, you can complete it with the Complete Training button:

  1. Navigate to the Learner Homepage or your My Tasks view.
  2. Click into a Training Assignment task. If the assignment includes multiple documents, they are listed on the task page. Materials may include documents, videos, or e-learning content.
  3. Review all provided training material.
  4. Click Complete Training.
  5. Complete the fields in the Complete Training dialog.
  6. Click Complete.

If your security role permissions do not permit viewing one (1) or more of the documents in the assignment, the document will not appear, and you will be unable to complete the assignment. In such a case, contact your Training Administrator.

About E-Learning Training Materials

You can view dynamic e-learning content by clicking Launch Content. The content launches in a new browser window and may include interactive elements. Ensure that you follow all instructions within the e-learning content and fully interact with the course before closing it.

If you leave and return to the training, click Resume Content to pick up where you left off. E-learning content may include a session timer, which automatically logs you out of the content after a specified period.

For some e-learning content, the browser must have Flash enabled.

Completing Assignments on a Mobile Device

Document training assignments which do not have quizzes or e-learning content can be completed using a mobile interface. When viewing an assignment with multiple documents in the mobile interface, tap Begin Training to start viewing documents or to resume where you left off. When viewing a document, you can tap Next to progress to the next document.

The mobile interface also includes the following functions:

Icon Function
Exit Icon Gives you a choice to either return to your Vault homepage in the desktop interface, or to log out of Vault.
Close Icon Returns you to the assignment description and document list.
Info Icon Displays document data such as the Name, Version, and Effective Date.

Your Admin must enable the mobile training interface before you can use it to complete assignments.

Resetting E-Learning Course Progress

While completing training, you may find it necessary to reset your progress in an e-learning course. For example, you may have failed a quiz within the e-learning content more times than allowed. Contact your manager or Training Administrator to reset progress.

How to Complete a Training Assignment With a Quiz

Your training assignment may require completion of a quiz, indicated by a Take Quiz button on the task page.

To complete the assignment with a quiz:

  1. Navigate to the Learner Homepage or your My Tasks view.
  2. Click into a Training Assignment task.
  3. Review all provided training material.
  4. Click Take Quiz.
  5. A pop up will display information about the quiz. Click Continue to begin the quiz, or Cancel to return to the document.
  6. Introductory or reference material may be provided. Click on an available item to open it in a new browser tab.
  7. Read each question carefully, and select answers for each question.
  8. When you have answered all the available questions, click Review.
  9. If you are satisfied with your answers, click Complete to finish and to have the quiz graded.
  10. The results of your quiz determine the next steps, as described below.

About Failed Quizzes

  • The red banner at the top of the page tells you your result, including your percentage score, your point total, and the required passing percentage.
  • Below the ribbon, each question is displayed with its point value and the points you earned on the question (zero points if you answered incorrectly).
  • If your answer on a question was incorrect, an X appears next to your answer.
  • Click Retake Quiz to return to the document, where you may click Take Quiz to try again.

About Passed Quizzes

  • The green banner at the top of the page tells you your result, including your percentage score, your point total, and the required passing percentage.
  • On incorrect answers, you are shown the correct answer with a green arrow.
  • Feedback may be provided for each question.
  • Click Exit Quiz to return to the document, where you are prompted with a Complete Training dialog. Complete the required fields and click Complete to complete the training.

How to Complete a Classroom Training Assignment

To complete an assignment with classroom training:

  1. Navigate to the Learner Homepage or your My Tasks view.
  2. Click into a Classroom Training Assignment. The task page appears, listing class details and class session schedules, along with any documents used as class materials. If the Classroom Training Assignment has not been added to a Class Roster, you will see a page directing you to come back again later.
  3. If necessary, review the provided class materials.
  4. Attend the scheduled session. The instructor records your attendance for the session.
  5. If the session has an associated quiz, wait for the instructor to issue the quiz, then click Take Quiz. See detailed instructions about taking a quiz.

If the training has multiple sessions, repeat the above steps for each remaining session. Once you attend all sessions and complete any required quizzes, there is nothing left for you to do. When the class is complete, the system will automatically determine whether your Training Assignment record moves to a “Completed” state or a “Did Not Complete” state.

About Classroom Training Sessions

When your training assignment includes classroom training but there is not yet a session scheduled for the course, you will receive a notification when a session has been scheduled. Clicking the notification will take you to the classroom training assignment.

How to Complete an External Training Assignment

External training assignments involve activities that occur outside of Vault, such as a class or seminar held by a third-party organization. To complete an external training assignment:

  1. Navigate to the Learner Homepage or your My Tasks view
  2. Click into an External Training assignment. The task page appears, listing details for the training. Check whether you will need proof of completion, such as a certificate.
  3. Attend or otherwise perform the external training exercise, obtaining proof of completion if necessary.
  4. Return to the External Training assignment task page.
  5. If the training requires proof of completion, click Upload to attach a file with the necessary proof.
  6. Complete the fields in the Complete External Training dialog.
  7. Click Complete.

If the assignment requires proof of completion, another user may review the submitted proof and either approve or reject it. If that user rejects your proof, the external training assignment will reappear in your My Tasks view with any comments regarding the verdict. You can upload the corrected proof and complete the task following the steps above.