QualityOne Vaults allow you to display business processes and associated documents in a hierarchical interface. Visual Hierarchy records store information about a Process and the relationships between Processes. You can establish parent-child relationships between Associated Processes up to five (5) levels down from the parent record.

The Process Hierarchy page displays the Visual Hierarchy records according to the relationships between the Associated Processes. You can associate relevant supporting documents to one (1) or many Processes.

Depending on your Admin’s configuration, object, field, and section labels may appear differently than the labels mentioned in this article.

Creating Visual Hierarchy Records

Before you can populate your Hierarchy, your Admin must create the appropriate object types for the Visual Hierarchy object. Once the object types become available, you can create a set of associated Visual Hierarchy records to populate the Hierarchy structure and pages.

During record creation, you can arrange the position of each record to determine where it should display on the Process Hierarchy and Process Details pages by establishing the parent-child relationships.

To create and arrange Visual Hierarchy records:

  1. Navigate to Business Admin > Objects > Visual Hierarchies or to a custom tab.
  2. Click Create.
  3. Enter a Name and Description. Vault displays the Name as a clickable item in the Viewer and displays the Description in the Process Details page.
  4. Optional: In the Position within Parent field, enter a value to determine the order in which Vault should display the records in the Viewer of the Hierarchy page and the Associated Processes of the Process Details page. If you do not enter a value, the record will list under any record that contains a position value. If multiple records contain the same value or are blank, Vault resolves the conflicts by displaying the records in alphabetical order.
  5. Optional: In the Icon field, enter a valid icon label. Use the list of valid icons to enter the appropriate label.
  6. Click Save.

By default, Vault immediately displays the newly-created Visual Hierarchy records in the Viewer to users with the appropriate permissions. Depending on your Admin’s configuration, Visual Hierarchy records may need to go through a review workflow or lifecycle state change before displaying in the Viewer.

Reparenting Visual Hierarchy Records

You can reparent Visual Hierarchy records between records of the same object type.

To reparent a Visual Hierarchy record:

  1. Navigate to the Visual Hierarchy record you want to reparent.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Select a new target parent in the Parent field.
  4. Click Save.

Adding Documents to a Visual Hierarchy Record

To display a collection of relevant supporting documents in the Process Details page, you must add the associated Documents to the appropriate Visual Hierarchy record by creating an associated Hierarchy Document record.

To add Documents to a Visual Hierarchy record:

  1. Navigate to the appropriate Visual Hierarchy record and click Create in the Hierarchy Documents section.
  2. Choose one (1) or more Documents.
  3. Click Save.

Vault populates the Documents section of the Process Details page with a filterable list of the added documents.


The following limitations apply to Process Hierarchy:

  • Depending on your Admin’s configuration, you can create a maximum of three (3) Visual Hierarchy records without a parent record and a maximum of five (5) levels of parent-child record relationship.
  • Depending on your Admin’s configuration, each parent Visual Hierarchy record can have up to ten (10) child records.
  • You cannot associate or reparent Visual Hierarchy records of a given object type with a parent record of a different Visual Hierarchy object type.
  • You cannot convert a child Visual Hierarchy record into a root record, and a root record cannot be converted to a child record.