QualityOne Vaults provide suppliers with an interface to collaborate with buyers when participating in the QMS process by reviewing and updating nonconformance (NCR) details. As a Supplier, you can review and update nonconformance details and create related items.

Access to Supplier Portal is through your Vault, using the credentials provided to you by your Admin. You must have been granted the appropriate permissions to view the records you need to interact with.

Depending on your Admin’s configuration, object, field, and section labels may appear differently than the labels mentioned in this article.

Working with Nonconformances

This process assumes you have already signed in to your Vault. As a Supplier, you can select a nonconformance (NCR) to review the details and then take any required actions. The general process of working with a nonconformance involves reviewing the NCR details and then responding appropriately.

How to Review NCRs

To review NCR details, navigate to the appropriate NCR record. Review the details and if available, review any photos.

Responding to NCRs

You may be able to only view object records or you may be able to add, edit, or delete records inline in the supplier portal. Some sections on the NCR detail page may be visible only in certain lifecycle states.

Admins can configure sections on the NCR detail page in various way to assist you with your responsibilities, including the following configuration options:

  • An information icon (Info Icon) with instruction text, which may also include a clickable link that takes you to a document with more details.
  • An add button (Add Icon), which you can use to add records and provide details, including images.
  • An edit button (Edit Icon), which you can use to modify object records and then save your changes.
  • A delete button (Delete Icon), which you can use to delete object records.
  • A View 5 Whys button (View 5 Whys Icon), which you can click to open the 5 Whys diagram for the related Root Cause Analysis object.

How to Respond to an NCR

To respond to an NCR:

  1. After reviewing NCR details, navigate through the available sections. Some sections may be visible only when the record is in certain lifecycle states.
  2. In each section, review the available icons and buttons that you may be able to interact with.
  3. Add, edit, or delete object records as needed, ensuring you complete all required fields.