QualityOne users often require a way to track specific content copies outside of Vault, or prepare copies with specific overlays for specialized use. QualityOne Vaults provide special user actions to assist with these use cases, supporting the download and distribution of controlled copies.

When downloaded, Vault assigns each controlled copy a unique identification number and creates a Controlled Copy Trace object record, allowing you to track the status of those copies outside of the Vault. With a dedicated lifecycle for these object records, you can manage both the distribution and the reconciliation of these copies according to your organization’s needs. Your Vault may also apply specialized overlays or attach signature pages on the content when you download controlled copies. Depending on the document lifecycle state, there may be zero (0), one (1), or many controlled copy actions, for example, Request Laboratory Reference Copy and Request Facility Posting Copy.

Depending on your Admin’s configuration, object, field, and section labels may appear differently than the labels mentioned in this article.

How Vault Downloads Extensible Controlled Copies

With object-based Extensible Controlled Copies, Vault collects controlled copy information via configurable object records instead of through a static form. Capturing controlled copy information in object records allows for much more robust data collection, security, processes, and reporting options.

When you download a controlled copy, Vault opens the form to create a new Controlled Copy User Input record within the dialog. In this dialog, you can enter data about the controlled copy request in the fields configured by your Admin. When you submit the controlled copy request, Vault generates a ZIP file containing your requested controlled copy and an associated manifest file. Vault also creates an associated Controlled Copy Trace record for each controlled copy you requested, and copies data from the fields on the Controlled Copy User Input record to each Controlled Copy Trace record. You’ll see a banner alerting you that the job is in progress, and you’ll receive a Vault notification when the ZIP file is ready to download.

See details about potential limitations you may encounter while downloading a controlled copy.

How to Download Controlled Copies

To download a controlled copy:

  1. From the document’s All Actions menu, select a controlled copy action. These actions vary based on your organization’s configuration and may not contain “controlled copy” in the name.
  2. Fill in fields as needed in the Controlled Copy User Input dialog.
  3. Click Continue. Vault asynchronously generates a ZIP file containing your requested copies. The ZIP file also includes a manifest PDF file listing the copy type, document name, and the requestor’s name, followed by all user-entered fields in alphabetical order. You can download the file from your Notifications page.

Download Controlled Copies Bulk Action

To request controlled copies from multiple documents via a bulk action, see Using Bulk Document Actions for more details.

Obsolete and Superseded Controlled Copies

If configured by your Admin, when a document with controlled copies in circulation enters an Obsolete or Superseded state, Vault puts all its controlled copies into an In Recall state and auto-starts a recall workflow that issues a task to the person responsible for reconciling each issued copy.


Legacy controlled copy Distribution with Document type reports are not applicable for Extensible Controlled Copies. To report on Extensible Controlled Copy data, create a report referencing Controlled Copy Trace object records.


The following limitations apply to Extensible Controlled Copies:

  • If there is a configuration error between the Controlled Copy User Input and the Controlled Copy Trace object types or records, Vault cannot successfully download controlled copies.
  • In most cases, Vault will create the Controlled Copy Trace record even if there is an error downloading a copy or preparing the manifest file. In this case, Vault does not set the checkbox in the Released from Vault field on the Controlled Copy Trace record.
  • Vault reports any errors encountered when downloading a controlled copy in the delivered manifest file.
  • When running the controlled copy bulk action, if Vault cannot create the Controlled Copy User Input record, Vault will inform you on the Confirmation page when running the bulk action.
  • Vault cannot download Extensible Controlled Copies for documents with password-protected source files.