QualityOne Vaults allow you to generate related documents from an object record linked and stored in the object record’s document field. These related documents include generating formatted output and document templates managed by your Admin. Generating documents from an object record allows you to include related data associated with the object record in the generated documents.

Depending on your Admin’s configuration, object, field, and section labels may appear differently than the labels mentioned in this article.

About Document Generation

You can generate documents from an object record by running a user action or changing the record’s lifecycle state to trigger the entry action. When generating documents by an entry action, Vault sets the System user as the document’s creator and populates that information into the document. While Vault creates the content as the System user, Vault sets the Owner field of the content according to your Admin’s configuration. During document generation, Vault transfers field data for fields with matching names and data types from the originating object record to fields on the newly-created document based on the mapped fields configured in the template.

Because your document artifacts may include large amounts of data from many records, the generation job may take some time to complete. Once Vault generates documents from an object record, a document link is included in a document reference field on the object record. The name of the generated document is the concatenation of the document reference field label and the object record name, for example, “Internal Audit Report – AUD-000001”. As document names follow the configuration specified for the document type, your Admin can override this default file name to match your Vault’s naming schemas.

Supported Objects

Vault currently supports Document Generation for the following objects:

  • APQR Item
  • Audit
  • CAR
  • Change Control
  • Complaint
  • Formulation
  • NCR
  • Packaging
  • Product
  • Risk Register
  • Risk Study

How to Generate Documents

Before running the action, ensure you review the following:

  • All required fields contain a value.
  • All applicable user fields and team members are assigned. There should be a maximum of one (1) user per field and team role.
  • If an existing generated document is linked in the document reference field, ensure that the document is not archived.

To generate a related document for the record:

  1. Navigate to the appropriate object record.
  2. Ensure all required fields contain a value.
  3. Trigger a document generation for the record by doing one (1) of the following:
    • If configured, move the record to the applicable lifecycle state to generate the appropriate document.
    • From the All Actions menu, select Generate Document From Formatted Output, Generate Document From Template Output, or Generate Document from Report.

After Vault generates the document, you’ll receive a notification that document generation succeeded with a link to the record and the generated document. Your object record may move to a new state if configured by your Admin.