QualityOne Vaults enable you to report, track, investigate, and manage health, safety, environmental, vehicle, and property damage incidents that impact workers, business operations, and physical assets.

Incident Management captures required information through the following defined Event Category:

  • Incident: Any unplanned event that results in injury or illness to people, danger to health, or damage to property or the environment.
  • Near Miss: An event that could have resulted in an injury to illness to people, danger to health, or damage to property or the environment.
  • Hazard: An object or situation that has the potential to harm a person, the environment, or cause damage to property.

Depending on your Admin’s configuration, object, field, and section labels may appear differently than the labels mentioned in this article.

OSHA 301, OSHA 300 & OSHA 300A Logs

You can generate OSHA 301 logs by creating a document from a document template and populating document fields with matching values from fields in the HSE Event object type records. To generate an OSHA 301 log for an incident record, navigate to the appropriate OSHA section on the relevant HSE Event object type record and create a new document from a template. Once the log is generated, the log is visible in the same OSHA section.

OSHA 300 and 300A logs can be generated by running a report. You can review and export the logs into pre-configured Excel templates.

Reports & Dashboards

Incident Management is built on the Vault platform and therefore contains reporting and dashboard functionalities specific to the HSE Event object. Contact your Veeva Representative to access a configuration migration package to deploy HSE Event-specific reports and HSE Event-specific dashboards.

Mobile Incident Management

Incident Management includes a mobile application to help users capture incidents efficiently by providing mobile access to log incident records remotely. Once logged successfully, the records appear in Vault for management and investigation.