QualityOne Vaults lets users manage the risk associated with different kinds of hazardous work and work environments effectively and efficiently. Permit to Work can be used as part of your permit-to-work process to document permits to work, their hazards and risk levels, and which precautions to take.

Permit to Work Key Objects

QualityOne uses the following core objects to support Permit to Work:

  • Permit to Work (permit_to_work__v): This object represents a permit to work.
  • Isolation (isolation__v): This object represents an isolation in a permit to work.
  • Permit to Work-Risk Event (permit_to_work_risk_event__v): This object joins the Permit to Work and Risk Event objects.

Configuration Overview

Configuring your Vault to use Permit to Work involves the following steps:

  1. Deploy a configuration migration package with the Permit to Work workflow, lifecycle, and object layout.
  2. Configure picklists.
  3. Configure user permissions.

Deploying Permit to Work Elements

Contact your Veeva Representative to access a configuration migration package that includes the Permit to Work lifecycle, workflow, and object layout. Permit to Work elements are highly customizable and must be configured according to your organization’s specific HSE requirements.

Configuring Permit to Work Picklists

You must configure the following picklists for values to be available for these fields on the Permit to Work and Isolation objects:

  • Isolation Type
  • Work Type
  • PPE

User Permissions

You must ensure users have the appropriate read and create permissions to access the appropriate objects and object fields in addition to the permissions outlined below:

  • For the Permit to Work, Isolation, and Permit to Work-Risk Event objects: Read and Create permission.

You can complete all the steps in this article with the standard System Administrator or Vault Owner security profile. If your Vault uses custom security profiles, your profile must grant the following permissions:

Type Permission Controls
Security Profile Admin: Configuration: Object Lifecycles: Create, Edit Ability to create and modify object lifecycles.
Security Profile Admin: Configuration: Object Workflows: Create, Edit Ability to create and modify object workflows.
Security Profile Admin: Configuration: Objects: Create, Edit Ability to create and modify Vault objects.