QualityOne Vaults provide special rules and fields in addition to standard document download functionality in order to support generation, distribution, and tracking of controlled copies. All controlled copies that you generate in Vault have a unique Controlled Copy ID field. Your Vault may also apply specialized overlays or attach/omit signature pages on the content when you download controlled copies. For documents in a given lifecycle state, there may be none, one (1), or many controlled copy actions, for example, Request Laboratory Reference Copy and Request Facility Posting Copy.

Enabling Controlled Copy

For you to distribute a controlled copy for a document:

How to Request Controlled Copies

To request and distribute a controlled copy:

  1. From the Actions menu for a document, select a controlled copy action. These actions may not contain “controlled copy” in the name.
  2. Optional: In Requested For, select the Vault user for whom the controlled copy is intended. Either this field or Audience Details is required.
  3. Optional: In Audience Details, select or enter the details for the intended audience for the controlled copy, for example, an office location or a department name. While either this field or the Requested For field above is required, both may be specified together.
  4. In Reason or Justification, select or enter the reason why you are requesting the new copy.
  5. In Number of Copies, enter the number of controlled copies you wish to distribute. Your Admin must configure the user action to allow multiple copies at a time for this option to display.
  6. Click Download. If you requested more than one (1) controlled copy, Vault asynchronously generates a ZIP file containing the requested copies. The ZIP file also includes a manifest PDF file with request details including document names, versions, any encountered errors, and the requestor’s name. You can download the file from your Notifications page.

Distribution Reports for Multiple Controlled Copies

When you request multiple controlled copies, Vault generates a unique Controlled Copy ID and log in a distribution report. Vault numbers Controlled Copy IDs sequentially in distribution reports for easy tracking. If an error occurs while preparing a set of controlled copies, Vault reserves the Controlled Copy ID and will not use that number. Distribution reports also include a Package ID that identifies the controlled copies requested by a single user.

Generate Controlled Copies Bulk Action

To request controlled copies via bulk action, see Using Bulk Document Actions.